Real Estate

We help international companies develop Real Estate projects in Spanish market.

Real Estate Projects

In a globalized context, one of our main goals is to assist companies in developing Real Estate projects in Spanish market.

We work with international clients for whom we search for a property, we study it and take all necessary steps to advertise it and sell it.

Thanks to our direct contact with our client, we find tailored solutions to property renovation and equipment projects.

We also grant International Businessmen on the set up of their Company in Spain thanks to a personalized assessment of the Spanish visa or via the acquisition of a Residency permit.

At Perillo Consulting we build our success on the satisfaction of each of our clients.

Spanish visa

The Law for Entrepreneurs passed by the Spanish government, now makes it possible to obtain a residence permit for foreigners who purchase a home in Spain for over 500.000 euros.

Given this new legal framework, our international team provides you with personalized counseling in searching for a home in Spain.

We help you in selecting the most convenient property for you, keeping your needs in mind. At the same time, we take care of all administrative needs to make it feasible to acquire the Spanish residence permit.

This law requires that all persons being granted a residence permit, make an initial investment without bank financing nor working in Spain, and having private health insurance.

Assets originating from insolvency proceedings

We advise our clients through all the phases of the purchase of assets originating from insolvency proceedings. Thanks to our extensive experience in purchasing this type of assets and with the support of our team of professionals, we guarantee our end buyers’ peace of mind.

We take care of the search, due diligence, bank relationships, relationships with the insolvency administration and legal paperwork so that the client’s purchase is effective and safe.

New companies

Depending on the investor’s requirements, we research the potential creation of holding companies devoted to real estate projects.  

We develop a viable business plan with legal and fiscal coverage, and offer all types of useful information to avoid any issues.