Our consultancy optimize the purchasing process and the choice of materials in Contract projects, ensuring compliance with established times and costs.

Our aim is to save time and money, both in construction projects and in hotel, housing, and commercial space remodeling. We take on the role of a dynamic, competent and trusted partner, who is present during all operational phases: product
acquisition, set up, logistics, and problem-solving. We manage the project from initial idea through end result.

We value details in finishing touches, coatings, furnishings, textiles, decorations, and lighting. The goal is always to secure the best quality at the best price.

For the opening, management or remodeling of a property it is essential to ensure that the furniture, fixtures and equipment (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment), as well as the operating supplies and equipment (Operating Supplies and Equipment) are
delivered and installed properly. At Perillo Consulting we also coordinate the process to acquire materials and install equipment so that each property has the highest quality and endures over time.

The consulting firm helps each client through all the process

Searching for materials and regulations review.

Product assessment.

Project planning, implementation, oversight and monitoring.

Manufacture of fixed and mobile furnishings, coatings, and bathroom items.

Purchases specific to public services in hospitals, stadiums, senior centers, shopping centers, hotel, ships, offices, etc.

Logistics and customs issues.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

Operating Supplies & Equipment Procurement