About us

Perillo Consulting is a company founded in 2008 by Marcello Perillo, resulting from his professional experience in the real estate and business consulting sector.

Marcello started out as a consultant in Italy, advising his clients about implementing Contract projects in Spain. Gradually, his clients grew and his consulting practice expanded internationally. Perillo has worked in different countries: Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Following the success of Contract projects, Perillo Consulting added Real Estate services, advising investment companies in buying and remodeling properties.

With more tan 200 completed projects, Perillo Consulting guarantees the efficiency of each client’s project in terms of time, costs, and profitability.

Corporate culture



To provide professional services in the area of planning and management of real estate and investment projects.



We work to create personalized projects, paying maximum attention to detail. We are fully involved in order to obtain the best outcome.


  • Adaptability. We adapt our work to our client’s needs.
  • Active listening. We listen to what the client has to say, his project’s goals.
  • Productivity and efficiency. We offer the highest quality service, meeting established deadlines and budgets.
  • Operational flexibility. We adjust to each job’s conditions.
  • Innovation. We educate ourselves and offer innovative products and latest generation equipment
  • Satisfaction. Our client’s satisfaction is our main goal.